Your Motherhood Journey Matters.

I believe in women 

I believe in Mothers

I believe in your birthing rights 

I believe in normalizing birth

I Believe that birth is natural and beautiful


I Believe that a cesarian section is a true birthing experience

I Believe that all choices made during birth are worthy of being honored

I BELIVE THAT WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD when we take control of our births. I believe that birth can be a beautiful, powerful experience. I believe that as we begin to normalize birth in America we can see the complication rate drop. I believe that as we begin to see birth as an empowering experience we give less power to the fear surrounding birth in this country. I believe that we can begin to change the traumatic birth narrative that often surrounds women in America. 

Who Am I?

Simply put: I'm a wife and a mother 

I am a birth doula and photographer 

I'm so much more than that though.

I am a passionate, empathetic women with a heart for the journey of motherhood. I believe that every mother's story matters. I believe that all mothers have the right to an informed trauma free birth. No matter what birth you are planning, you have rights. 

I've had a traumatic, out of control birth and I've experienced painful complications. From there I went on to have a perfect, peaceful birth. The difference? Education and support. 

I am certifying with DONA international- the oldest and most well known DOULA organization in the world. 

If you were to ask me what some of my biggest goals are I would say: 


1. To see a shift in the American mindset of birth. The more our society views birth as a beautiful, empowering experience the better our outcomes will become. The US has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation. That's not ok with me.


2. For women to see just how beautiful birth is through photography.    

3. To support and empower expecting moms throughout pregnancy and during the birth and postpartum period. 

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