Birth Doula Services 

How Does a Birth Doula Support Laboring Moms? 


Comfort measures and physical support: During our two prenatal visits together we will discuss and learn various comfort measures that will help you during your labor. These comfort measures can be performed by either myself or your partner (sometimes both!) During your labor I will ensure you and your partner stay hydrated and fed (as tolerated). 

Emotional Support:  Throughout your pregnancy, during your labor and during your postpartum recovery I am here to listen to any concerns you may have. I will be here to offer encouragement and support. I have evidence based childbirth information to share anytime you ask. I will help you formulate your a birth plan that matches your exact desires. During your labor I will be there to hold your hand, encourage you regularly and pay attention to what your needs actually are. 

Support for your partner: Your partner is so important to your labor. Your partner is the one that you trust and need the most during this time. My job isn't to take his place but to work alongside him to offer you the support you need. I am here when he needs to eat something, I am here to ensure he is staying hydrated and I am here if he needs to take a break. Labor can be a marathon and the human body doesn't stop having needs just for labor! 

Support for you: While my job is NOT to make decisions for you in labor I am there to walk you through whatever may come up during your labor. If at anytime you would like more informations on an intervention I am able to provide that to you. However you need to be supported before, during and after your labor I am here for you. 

Information and resources: I have a wealth of information and resources available to you. Looking for a chiropractor, prenatal yoga, birth classes, ect. I have a list for you. Are you looking to learn more about your birth options? I have resources! Are you worried about breastfeeding? I have a list of CLC's and IBCLC's for you! The list goes on! 

Doula Supported women are:


28% less likely to have a cesarean section 

31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin (pitocin) to speed up labor 


9% less likely to use any pain medicine 


34% less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively 

Doula Care is something 

I'm Passionate about 

Every women deserves a birth that doesn't end in trauma. Every women deserves to birth the way she wants, in the safest way possible for her. 

Every women deserves to be fully informed in the labor and delivery room. 

Every women deserves to birth in Confidence. 

This is what I believe in.



If my words cause a stir in your heart, if you too believe in the in the power and sanctity of your own birthing process, let's meet! Let me buy you a coffee and we can get to know each other. 

Doula Support

1. Free consultation at a location of your choosing

2. two in depth prenatal appointments where we will discuss comfort measures, labor positions, your birth plan and more. 


3. prenatal support throughout your pregnancy via phone, email, Skype or text.


4. Entire digital library of evidence based information for all stages of your pregnancy and postpartum period. 

5. list of recommended resources for all things pregnancy and baby related in the local area.

6. 24/7 On call services beginning at 37 weeks until you have given birth


6.Physical and emotional labor support beginning as soon as you need me- even if you are in early labor. You need me, I'm  there! 



7. Postpartum support via text, email and phone calls up to 6 months postpartum.



8. One postnatal follow up 2-4 weeks post delivery. 

Please Contact me for pricing information!

Doula Support and Birth Photography 

Everything that's included with Doula support plus:


1. Professional Photographic coverage of your labor and birth.

2. High Resolution Digital images that include a print release 

3. Online Gallery where you can view, download and share your images as well as order print products and custom photo albums.

Please Contact me for pricing information!

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