I love documenting Motherhood 

Motherhood changes you in ways you never even could have imagined. From the moment you find out you are going to be a mother for the first time there is a tangible shift that occurs deep within you. Nothing will ever be the same again. Suddenly you will find yourself focusing on this beautiful new human that now holds your whole heart. Every decision you make will now be made with your children in mind.

Your priorities will change.

Your view on the world will change. 

You will learn things about yourself you never even knew.

You will experience grow.

You will be challenged .

You will laugh.

You will cry. 

You will love so much it hurts. 

This is Motherhood. I can't promise you'll love every minute of it but I can promise that it will be worth every difficult moment. 

A Photograph is worth a thousand words..... 

and captures a moment in time that you will never get back. 

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